Now’s the time to Read Up! With one in four adult San Diegans facing mental health challenges, it’s up to us to make San Diego a supportive community for those experiencing such challenges. Through education and awareness, the It’s Up to Us bulletin offers mental health related information, resources, ways to get involved and also how to stay informed.

  • Fall 2016 Bulletin

    Read Up: Depression Shouldn’t Dim the Golden Years San Diegans Making a Difference: For Others and Themselves Shine a Light On: Your Rights to...

  • Spring 2016 Bulletin

    In this issue:
    Read Up: Live Well San Diego Encourages Us to Be Our Best, Healthiest Selves
    San Diegans Making a Difference: The Coronado Bridge Initiative
    Liven Up Your Health: How Music Can Boost Your Mental Health
    Growing Up: Three Tips for Better Sleep and Happier Kids
    Shine a Light On: Questions to Ask Yourself (and Your Therapist) to Find the Perfect Fit

  • Fall 2015 Bulletin

    In This Issue: Not Just Back-to-School, but Well-to-School; Speak Our Minds; Help Your Way to Health; Youth Empowerment Programs Promote Overall Wellness; Register, Walk and Get Trained for Suicide Prevention.

  • Winter 2015 Bulletin

    Young People Can Use Creativity to Promote Mental Wellness

  • Fall 2014 Bulletin

    Start the Talk about Underage Drinking
    Shine a Light On: Seasonal Affective Disorder

  • Summer 2014 Bulletin

    Siblings–Friend or Foe?

  • Spring 2014 Bulletin

    Turn Off the Screen and Turn On Wellbeing

  • Winter 2014 Bulletin

    Who's Keeping Score?

  • Fall 2013 Bulletin

    Helping Children Make Sense of a Parent's Mental Illness

  • Summer 2013 Bulletin

    Directing Change - San Diego Teens Promoting Awareness Through Film

  • Spring 2013 Bulletin

    An Interview with Reverend Susan Gregg-Schroeder

  • Winter 2013 Bulletin

    Stand Up for Mental Health Test Your Mental Health IQ

  • Fall 2012 Bulletin

    Read Up: Happy Together? Or is Your Relationship Taking a Toll on Your Mental Health? Get Up & Participate: Upcoming Events Growing Up: Protecting...

  • Summer 2012 Bulletin

    Stories of Struggle, Perseverance and Hope

  • Spring 2012 Bulletin

    Stories of Struggle, Perseverance and Hope

  • Winter 2012 Bulletin

    Stories of Struggle, Perseverance and Hope

  • Fall 2011 Bulletin

    Stories of struggle, perseverance and hope are shared by countless San Diegans.

  • Summer 2011 Bulletin

    Stories of Struggle, Perseverance & Hope

  • Spring 2011 Bulletin

    Suicide is Preventable Link Up: Postpartum Health Alliance Growing Up: Emotional Health for New Moms and Moms to Be Shine A Light On... Postpartum Depression ...

  • Winter 2011 Bulletin

    Nurturing Children's Emotional Health

  • Fall 2010 Bulletin

    The Importance of Reading